Sighardt Donabaum

Sighardt Donabaum Intro Case: 3-Bottle Mixed Case

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Once in a while a wine comes along that unites the team (we’ve mentioned before that there are A LOT of opinions within the S&G team when it comes to wine). The Pinot Rot from Sighardt Donabaum was one of these wines. So much so in fact that when our supplier decided they couldn’t import the wine anymore we went direct to source - & imported a couple of pallets. We are delighted to say that the quality of the Pinot Rot flows right through all of Sighardt’s wines - which you can taste for yourself in this introductory selection.

Included in the case:

Riesling, 2019

Grüner Veltliner, 2020

Pinot Rot, 2017