Majella, Sparkling Shiraz, 2020

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With some fantastic grapes, one of Australia’s best winemakers and a state of the art winery, Majella craft some of the finest wines in the country on one of the most revered strips of dirt in the wine world. This isn't one of those pretend sparkling reds that really you take a sip of and think why isn't this just a Cava. Nope. This is a full on, high quality Shiraz that just so happens to be sparkling. And is all the better for it. Interesting fact anyone? When the wine is disgorged a small amount of "liqueur" (sweetener) is added. In true Aussie tradition, with the Majella they use vintage port.
Details & Tasting Notes
Producer: Majella
Region: Coonawarra
Vintage: 2020
Grape: Shiraz
Type: Small Producer
Bottle: 750 ml
Alcohol Content: 14%

One of Australia's best sparkling red wines. Full flavoured with a subtle balance of fruit and vanilla wood, hints of spice cinnamon and pepper with a presence of yeasty bread characteristics with soft acid balance to finish the palate. Absolutely crazy delicious.