S&G Wine & Cheese Flight Club Membership

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What's the first rule of the S&G Flight Club? You do not talk about flight club. 

Except that is of course entirely incorrect, we really want you to talk about the new S&G Flight Club. Also it is not particularly funny as only half the folk who read this will get the reference and even the half that do get it will not find it amusing. 


It would be fair to say that many of our best ideas are actually not our ideas at all, they are the teams, or a customer, or we've stolen them from somewhere. Like this one. Over the last 6-7 years various customers have suggested some form or another of Wine & Cheese Flight Subscription. So here we are!

You can now sign up at a special advance purchase rate to partake in the monthly Wine & Cheese flight at either S&G location & as well as getting 6 flights for the price of 5 you will also receive one of our 'destined to be iconic' Tote Bags. 

So give the gift of a membership to the S&G Wine & Cheese Flight Club this Christmas & win present of the year hands down. It really is the proverbial gift that gives on giving.

You'll receive a beautiful membership card as well as an S&G tote bag & all your recipient (or you of course!) need do is bring their membership card with them each month to indulge in a flight across the wine world. 

Gift includes:

  • 6 or 12 month Wine & Cheese flights - to be used anytime within next 12 months
  • Tote Bag
  • Membership card