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New wave California Wine Tasting - Friday 19th November at 7.30pm

£55.00 Regular price

This is going to be epic.

12 wines. 3 hours. New wave California done right. Oh & of course plenty of cheese.

Marketing isn't our thing at S&G, we're not the best at shouting about things (ignore that 'this is going to be epic' bit). So it is useful when you have a supplier who writes your marketing blurb for you through their sheer excitement for their own tasting:

"We could do this. That would be BALLER.  Like, crazy!  A real journey through all kinds of weird – but with every wine super clean as a whistle.  A gospel for people who already like New Wave Cali wines and something of a showcase for people who are on the edge of liking Natural wines but don’t think they do".

How can you not love that enthusiasm! We don't even know what baller means but we're going to assume it means really good. 
Join us on the 19th November at 7.30pm in our wine cellar as Jon Davey, founder of Nekter wines, opens up 12 of his favourite bottles and talks all things new wave California. 

Tickets are £55 per person and limited to 12 people. 

All wines will be available to order on the night.

ALLERGIES: This menu contains gluten & dairy & is not suitable for vegans. Please contact for further information on allergens and dietary requirements.

ACCESS: The tasting will take place downstairs in our wine cellar - sincere apologies for any inconvenience this causes anyone with regards to access.