Smith & Gertrude

Hogmanay @ Smith & Gertrude Stockbridge - from 7pm on 31.12.22

£89.00 Regular price

Celebrate the best of 2022 through the only mediums we know, wine & cheese.

Hogmanay is back. Who saw that coming. That statement is actually probably not as unfunny as it seems when we look back on the year that just was. Intense. But, through all of the downs and ups that 2022 has thrown our way there has always been wine & we want to celebrate this fact by showcasing our own personal favourites from the past 12 months.  

Curating a long list of our favourites was relatively straightforward but whittling it down to 8 that we felt showcased the best of what we have all been drinking this year has been exceptionally tricky. But we got there & we've got a tasting line-up to rival any that have come before. South Africa, USA, France, Italy, Chardonnay, Pinot, Syrah - all the big hitters will be present but hopefully with enough surprises to keep the evening interesting (!).
As always this will be a go at your own pace tasting & having listened to feedback from previous events we will be catering better for those whose pace is 'fast' with a special one night only by the bottle list (including, obviously, one night only pricing).
    So, to recap:
    8 x 125ml glasses of the best wines 2022 has to offer, exceptional music, the team on hand (and not behind masks) to talk you through any of the wines & of course plenty of the finest seasonal cheeses, charcuterie cuts & light bites to keep you sustained over the 5-6 hours!  
    Tickets are £89 per person 
    Fun details:
    The tasting will be held upstairs in our main bar and will begin from 7pm and we'll run right through until 1am
    We will do what we can to cater for dietary requirements but please note there is a heavy cheese and charcuterie focus to the menu at S&G
    We will refund any tickets cancelled with at least 14 days notice. Any cancellations after this period will be at our discretion and will rely on us being able to re-sell the tickets. 
    This is a go at your own speed tasting with tasting sheets provided and the team on hand to guide you through.
    S&G is a communal space - as such it is highly likely you will be seated in close proximity to other folk. We cannot guarantee specific seats but please email if you do have any requirements and we will see what we can do.