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Hogmanay Wine Tasting Night @ Smith & Gertrude - from 7pm

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'Sooner or later, everything old is new again.' Stephen King. 

Hogmanay is happening!

We're finally there with our plans & we think we've come up with an absolute belter of a night. Sure, in many ways it is very similar to our previous Hogmanay evenings but this time we've properly gone to town on what we do best: wine & cheese. 
As we've mentioned before we have the full spectrum of palates within the team at S&G and over the course of the past 18 months or so as we've had to occupy ourselves without any customers we've had a lot of debates / arguments about one element of the world of wine in particular - new wave winemakers. This is a pretty all-encompassing phrase and it is a point of some consternation within the team so we figured we'd explore it properly - through the medium of a lot of wine. For some of the team the raft of young winemakers making waves everywhere from California and South Africa to Austria and France is the most exciting thing to have happened in wine in our lifetime. For others it is all just emperors new clothes. This range of opinions makes our team tastings super fun / intense but our chats did give us our idea for this years Hogmanay party: 
Sooner or later everything old is new again: a tasting across the spectrum - from legends of the wine world to the best of the new wave winemakers. 
One thing we are very proud of at the bar is that we cater for all tastes and this is our way of having our cake and eating it on Hogmanay - selling all the wines that we absolutely adore and allowing you to decide on where you sit on the old school vs new wave wine debate.
So, you have the choice of three wine tasting menus for the evening:
  • The Classic selection: for those who know what they like and just want to taste 8 amazing wines from iconic producers chosen by those members of the team that lean toward the classics. Think Burgundy, Chateau-Neufs, Barolo's and simply top notch wines made by some of the greats of the wine world.
  • The New Wave selection: for those already fully signed up to the future (or the past!) or who want to see what all the fuss is about. 8 amazing wines from those producers operating at the forefront of the new wave of wines. 
  • Give me everything selection and let me make my mind up: obviously this is what we want you to go for! Taste 12 wines, 6 Classics + 6 New Wave,(75ml pours instead of the 100ml pours in either of the standalone selections) and experience the full breadth of the wine world as you are taken on a tour of the greats from across the centuries and the globe. 
Of course we will be keeping you well fed throughout the evening with plenty of the finest seasonal cheeses, charcuterie cuts & light bites. 
This is very much a go at your own pace tasting Tickets are £85 for either of the 8 glass wine tasting menus or £100 for the 12 glass tasting experience. 
Fun details:
The tasting will be held upstairs in our main bar and will begin from 7pm (we will email with an arrival slot so as not to have everyone arrive at the same time) and we'll run right through until 1am
We will do what we can to cater for dietary requirements but please note there is a heavy cheese and charcuterie focus to the menu at S&G
We will refund any tickets cancelled with at least 7 days notice. Any cancellations after this period will be at our discretion and will rely on us being able to re-sell the tickets. 
This is a go at your own speed tasting with tasting sheets provided and the team on hand to guide you through.
S&G is a communal space - as such it is highly likely you will be seated in close proximity to other folk. We cannot guarantee specific seats but please email if you do have any requirements and we will see what we can do.