Yannick Meckert

H2O Saudade

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Details & Tasting Notes
Producer: Yannick Meckert
Region: Alsace, France
Vintage: 2019
Grape: Pinot Gris
Type: Skin contact
Bottle: 750 ml
Alcohol Content: 11.5%

Hand-harvest, 80% Pinot Gris (whole bunch) maceration for 1 week, aged 10 months in barrels. The rest of the grapes – 3 weeks carbonic maceration, press then 10 months aged barrels, unfiltered, no sulphite added. Only 21mg/l SO2, 0.2g/l residual sugar, only 600 bottles made.

Beautiful salmon-pink colour, the wine is lean with aromas of wild sweet strawberries, bay leaf and nuance of umami flavour, only 11.5%.