Smith & Gertrude

Golden Hare x Smith & Gertrude Wine & Cheese Book Club - Wednesday 20th July @ 7.30pm

£28.00 Regular price

Once again, we're collaborating with our favourite independent bookshop Golden Hare books to bring you a series of brilliant reads, beautiful wines and seasonal cheese.
This month's selection Eartheaters is an electrifying read that delivers what the title promises, as a young woman finds herself compelled to consume earth in copious amounts. As she eats the dirt, she finds herself experiencing visions of dead and missing people from the slums she lives in. When she discovers an unlikely relationship with a police officer, her ability is discovered by the wider community, who in turn start to beg her for information on their missing relatives and neighbours...

Eartheaters is a brilliant novel that digs into the politics and social reality of modern Argentina in a fantastical but immersive way! As always, there will be tons to chat about from this fantastic piece of translated fiction.
The Wine & Cheese Book Club will be hosted in Stockbridge downstairs in our wine cellar by David from Golden Hare, one of the best in the business when it comes to leading book chats and who has run the majority of our Wine & Cheese Book Clubs in the past.
The cost of your ticket includes the following:
  • A copy of that months quite brilliant book club book (available to be collected from Golden Hare Books as soon as you have booked)
  • A glass of wine on arrival to help get the conversation started
  • Cheese. Lots of cheese to keep the discussion flowing

Please note:

- the book club takes place in our wine cellar to which there is only step access. Sincere apologies for any access issues this causes.

- we will happily refund any tickets purchased at least 3 weeks prior to the event date. Any refunds for cancellations made with less than 3 weeks notice will be based solely on us being able to re-sell the ticket

- the Book Club is extremely popular and as the maximum group size is only 12 people, we are limiting ticket sales to 2 per person please