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Domaine G&J Bott, Northern Rhône - an evening of wine & cheese w/ co-owner & winemaker Graeme Bott - Thursday 9th February - Stockbridge @7pm

£116.00 Regular price

This tasting is in the wine cellar at S&G Stockbridge. 

The problem with not being very original is that you often find yourself writing the exact same thing. This is how we advertised our last winemaker tasting:

"Wine tastings are always excellent. But they are truly magnificent when they are with the owner and winemaker of the very wines one is tasting. Which is what we have here". 

But, it is true. So we will unashamedly just copy and paste, with the addition of 'how often do you get to taste exceptional Condrieu, Saint Joseph & Côte Rotie for less than £60 a ticket?' We are well aware how tight times are at the moment but can still hand on heart say this is one of our best value tastings ever. 

So, join us on Thursday 9th February at 7pm for an evening with Graeme Bott, co- Founder of and winemaker at the magnificent Domaine G&J Bott, Rhône, France.

We first tasted the wines of husband and wife team Graeme & Julie Bott at a tasting in London in 2021 and have listed the First Flight Viognier ever since. Representing the best of the new wave of winemakers enjoying success both at home and abroad, Graeme and Julie's wines provide the perfect signpost to the future of Rhône wines whilst holding firmly to the heritage of this wonderful wine region. The full lineup for the tasting is something to behold:

2020 First Flight Viognier 
2021 Saint Joseph Blanc 
2020 Condrieu Lieu-Dit L’Aleau 
2020 First Flight Syrah
2020 Saint Joseph 
2020 Côte Rôtie

The tasting will be held downstairs in our bar in Stockbridge and will begin at 7pm.

Tickets are £58 per person and limited to 12 people. 

All wines will be available to order on the night.

ALLERGIES: This menu contains gluten & dairy & is not suitable for vegans. Please contact for further information on allergens and dietary requirements.