Smith & Gertrude

Cider Sundays with re:stalk - Nov 21st / Dec 12th

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Sunday's are made for cider. Come join us as the light fades & the temperature drops to immerse yourself in the world of cider with the man behind the fantastic re:stalk, Grant. We're very happy to credit Grant with getting us hooked on fermented apples & opening our eyes to the world of cider both from on our doorstep & from around the world & now we want to share our new found love with everyone. 

"At re:stalk our passion for well made and lovingly crafted cider is what fuels us in bringing the most interesting drinks to the wider world. A lot of love and skill goes in to the process of creating cider and it’s that marriage of creativity and science that makes us so interested in bringing those flavours to you. Through travelling the world we have sampled some of the finest and well made ciders available and it’s our mission to bring those to the UK in an effort to spread the enthusiasm we have for well made, great tasting ciders".

 Substitute cider for wine & you've basically got the ethos behind Smith & Gertrude - just articulated way more succinctly! So it seems only natural to do a very low key collab in the lead up to Christmas to showcase some magical ciders from home 7 abroad & do our best to get you passionate about pouring them at your Christmas table!

This is very much a drop in event - it's free to come we just need to 'sell' tickets to allow us to manage the numbers. Crowd control if you like. We'll have 6 ciders open to taste & Grant will be on hand to chat you through them whilst the team behind the bar will be pouring a selection of limited release bottles that we've been particularly enjoying recently.

There are two dates for your diary:

  • Sunday November 21st - UK ciders
  • Sunday December 12th - Global ciders

Spaces are limited to 20 people. Entry anytime between 7-8pm. That's it. Oh, Grant will have some specially selected cider cases available to order on the night as well!

Last thing - if you grab tickets but are then unable to make it that is absolutely fine, in fact it's more than fine, but please do let us know so we can open them up to others ahead of time. Cheers.