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Champagne Sundays - first & last Sunday of every month - no ticket required

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Life is full of many & varied challenges right now but as far as we are concerned that simply means focussing in on the things that matter - starting with spending time with friends & family. Obviously, as a business we really hope a lot of that time will be spent together at S&G! So, to try to entice you in at a time when every pound is accounted for we figured we'd put together a combo of:

Champagne, the most celebratory of all drinks


Sunday, the day that is made for doing nothing except relaxing in good company

= Champagne Sundays.

It might not sound like much but we think they have the potential to become the highlight of the month. The premise is simple. We love Champagne & we'd love people to also love it as much as we do so on the first Sunday of every month in Portobello & the last Sunday of every month in Stockbridge we will be offering all bottles of Champagne at cost price. What does this mean really though? Well it means that you can drink a bottle of outstanding vintage grower Champagne at less than £50 a bottle - that's what it means! With over 10 Champagnes to choose from & a whole day to relax into we hope you'll agree this sounds like time exceedingly well spent.

Upcoming dates:

Portobello: 5th February / 5th March / 2nd April / 7th May / 4th June

Stockbridge: 26th February / 26th March / 30th April / 28th May /25th June

No ticket or booking required - & the offer runs all day from 1pm - 10pm.