Cantine de Falco

Cantine de Falco, Artiglio, Susumaniello

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Details & Tasting Notes
Producer: Cantine de Falco
Region: Salento, Puglia
Vintage: 2020
Grape: Susumaniello
Type: Unfiltered
Bottle: 750 ml
Alcohol Content: 14%

De Falco 'Artiglio' Susumaniello represents the beloved native Puglian grape variety, gaining popularity in recent years. This wine is approachable, showcasing soft dark red fruit, bramble notes, and harmoniously integrated vanilla and coffee oak nuances. Its plump texture adds to its overall appeal and drinkability.

Cantine de Falco, located in Novoli, Salento's heart just northwest of Lecce, was established 50 years ago. This family-operated winery, led by Gabriele and his father Salvatore de Falco, radiates an unmistakable passion and enthusiasm. With a profound understanding of their land and grape varieties, they combine traditional expertise with modern techniques to produce exceptional wines across all levels.