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A taste of South Africa - Wine Tasting Evening - Monday 13th June @ 7.30pm

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Hands up time. When we opened we had one, yes one, South African wine on the list. A lovely chenin Blanc from Paarl Heights. Now it rivals Italy, France and the US for top share of wines on the list. Why? Well, come and find out.

Join us on Monday 13th June as we take a jaunt into South Africa - possibly the source of the best value wine on the planet.

We're not precious at S&G. We know what we know and we are also aware of our limitations (painfully sometimes). When we opened the bar way back when in 2015 we simply hadn't drunk a lot of South African wine and in all honesty what we had drunk was bang average. As such we opened with one Chenin Blanc on the list. Oh how times have changed. 7 years later and we have been well and truly schooled in the joys of South African wine & are now fully signed up members of the SA wine fan club. 

For this months tasting we will be taking a quick fire tour of 3 of the real gems of the SA wine world; Gabrileskloof, Momento & Crystallum. Led by Peter Allan from Gabrielskloof and Marelise Niemann from Memento over the course of the evening & through the medium of 7 (we couldn't narrow it down to 6) delicious wines we will explore how the country is slowly but surely taking its place in the upper echelons of the wine world. 

You know the score by now. There will be wine. There will be expert chat & there will be cheese to make sure energy levels are kept high for the full 2 hours. It will be fun. Promise. 

The tasting will be held upstairs in our main bar and will begin at 7.30pm and last for around 2 hours (depending on how much everyone chats!).

Tickets are £42.50 per person and limited to 30 people. 

All wines will be available to order on the night.

ALLERGIES: This menu contains gluten & dairy & is not suitable for vegans. Please contact for further information on allergens and dietary requirements.